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Top Three Places Pests Sneak In

If you face a pest infestation, you may be scratching your head, wondering how they got in and how you can get them out. A pest problem is never fun, so to help, we compiled a list of the top three places pests sneak in, and how you can prevent it!

Cracks In The Walls Or Foundation

Each home will eventually start to get cracks. It’s important to keep an eye on these, as they are a gateway to all sorts of critters! Pests of all sizes can sneak in and make themselves at home this way.

Open Windows Or Doors

This one seems self-explanatory- but it’s a common way! Even a quick opening of a door, or a window without a screen can let in all sorts of critters.

You Or Your Pet Brings Them In

Pests like fleas or ticks love to hang onto humans and their furry friends. If you or your pets spend a lot of time outside, make sure to give a thorough inspection before coming inside.

How To Prevent Pests From Sneaking In

Even if you taped up any entrances and wore a protective suit outside, these tenacious pests would still find a way to get inside. The best way to keep them from sneaking in is to make your home a place they won't want to sneak in by using an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

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Julia Gabriel