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Why Repelling is More Effective Than Killing Pests

If your home has pests, you are probably panicking. You want a solution, and you want one now. Before running to a store and grabbing a toxic chemical spray, consider the more effective option: repelling. 

Repelling is not only safer and more cost-effective, but it is more effective for the following reasons:

It Focuses On The Root Cause

Simply killing the pests with a toxic spray only kills the pests currently in your home. If their nest is still there, or the spray doesn’t work, those pests will still come back and live within your home. Killing some pests doesn’t “send a message” to other pests- it just kills some while the rest continue to live and reproduce.

Repelling pests with ultrasonic creates an environment that is inhabitable due to the low-level frequency. The sound will send out the pests, and make sure any pests stay away!

It is Long-Term and Safe

Chemical solutions need to be repeated and can cause damage to your family and pets. With repelling, there is no need to re-spray harmful chemicals each month or have your family and pets leave your home for 48 hours to have exterminators use chemical bombs.

All you need to do to ensure your home is pest free is purchase an Ever Pest Repeller. Simply plug in the device, and rest easy knowing that it is safe for pets and humans, and will keep away pests!

As a bonus, since repellers don’t kill pests, but rather make your home inhospitable to them, you don’t need to spend hours sweeping up dead pests!

If you’re looking for a safe way to ensure you get rid of, and keep away pests, look no further! At Ever Pest, our eco-friendly Ultrasonic Pest Repellers ensure that your home becomes and remains pest-free!

From pests with wings to pests with tails, we have you covered. To browse our inventory, visit us online!


Julia Gabriel