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Pest Chase Glow Pulse - 2 pack
Pest Chase Glow Pulse - 2 pack
Pest Chase Glow Pulse - 2 pack
Pest Chase Glow Pulse - 2 pack

Pest Chase Glow Pulse | 2-Pack

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  • Dual ultrasonic pest repellent with pulsing night light
  • patent-pending design combined with most advanced and best technologies
  • Powerful sonic electric repeller eliminates most invaders better than bug bomb
  • easy to install - just plug-in. But please read the instructions once you receive it!
  • Registration EPA est number: 94950-CHN-1
  • Up to 1800 SQ FT Coverage. Works with 110/220 Voltage
Ultrasonic pest control repeller - repel rodents, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitos, flies, spiders & bats - eco-friendly & safe for humans

    What problems does the device solve?

    Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is an effective, safe and long-lasting device that will solve your pest problem and will prevent all diseases transmitted by pests. It emits Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Bionic pulses that expel ALL types of Insects and Pests including cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, rats, mice, mosquitoes, midges and many others.
    Our CRUELTY-Free technology doesn’t kill pests, it makes the conditions for them intolerable and they naturally leave the area. No dead Pests in your home!
    Say GOOD BYE to unwanted guests in your house!

    How it works?

    Pest Repeller produces Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Bionic waves which drive pests out of your home. Different frequency of sound (from 20 to 40 kHz) it mean that pests will never adapt to the pulses and will not stay at your home.

    Pest Repeller is the safest and the best alternative to chemical repellents, poison spray or traps that damage people. The technology doesn’t harm humans and pets but it only influences pests.

    Because ultrasonic waves do not penetrate walls it’s most effective to use one repeller per room.

    For the best result we recommend using 1 repeller for 600-800 sq Ft. Use 2 or more units for areas bigger than 1600 sq ft. to see result more quickly.

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