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What Makes Ultrasonic Pest Repellers The Best Choice?

When faced with a pest infestation, you likely want them out ASAP. While it can be tempting to buy the first thing you see at the store or hire a company to bug bomb your home, you should know that many pest removals come with considerable risk.

Many consumers are now switching to ultrasonic repellers- they have been a longstanding safe alternative to toxic chemicals. Below are some reasons why ultrasonic repellers are the top choice!

Safe For The Whole Family

Animals, especially cats and dogs, have much more sensitive respiratory systems than humans. Unfortunately, store-bought sprays can irritate your furry friends- even if they say “safe for use.” As for bug bombs, the fact that you need to leave your home for half the day shows how toxic it is.

Ultrasonic pest repellers have no chemicals at all. If you have pets, don’t worry! Many studies have shown that ultrasonic use is 100% safe- the frequency isn’t loud enough to disturb an animal as big as a cat or dog.

Eco-Friendly and Effective

Not only are sprays and bug bombs bad for the environment, but their efficiency has also been called into question. Sprays tend not to be a viable long-term solution, and bug bombs cannot reach the areas many pests burrow into, such as small cracks in cabinets, or deep down in carpets.

Ultrasonic repelling works by emitting a high-frequency noise that makes your home inhabitable to pests such as: cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, bedbugs, flies, silverfish, mosquitos, and ticks! No toxic chemicals, no evacuating your home, and no having to re-spray your home every few months. Ultrasonic repellers ensure pests get out and stay out!

If you’re looking for a completely non-toxic way to keep your home pest-free, look no further. At Ever Pest, our eco-friendly Ultrasonic Pest Repellers ensure that your home becomes and remains pest-free, and your family (including pets!) remains safe!

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Julia Gabriel