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How to Get Rid of Centipedes

How to Get Rid of Centipedes

House centipedes can cause fear and disturbance in your home. Even though home centipedes are not common, their bite can be painful depending on their size. In connection to this, some species of centipedes produce various toxins that can potentially cause severe allergic reactions.

Centipede Infestation: Why Does It Happen in My House?

The survival of house centipedes revolves around two things: moisture and food sources. Most centipedes came from outdoors, and due to their tiny bodies, they can quickly dry out, causing dehydration. That's why they will always look for a humid environment with a lot of moisture in order to live. Another important thing for their survival is the source of food. However, it's important to know that home centipedes can also indicate that your house has another insect infestation because they love to hunt and eat their prey.

Getting Rid of Home Centipedes: The Modern Way

 Due to the constant development of technology, methods of getting rid of centipedes have improved. One of the current methods is the use of ultrasonic pest repellers, which can repel not only centipedes but all types of pests, insects, and spiders.

The use of this modern product will help you so that you won't have to kill insects and pests in your home and clean them up afterward. The product is also cruelty-free and will only make their environment intolerable, and that will make them leave your home naturally. 

Do Natural Ways of Controlling Centipedes Work?

Although there are many natural ways you can try to control centipedes, completely removing them just won’t work. This is because a centipede infestation should be cut from the roots and will require a more definitive solution than just oils and other temporary measures.

How to Control Centipedes

How to Get Rid of Centipedes

There are various ways to classify the species of centipede, including:

Physical Appearance

  • Body – Centipedes are long and flat. They have bodies with segments that contain a pair of legs.  
  • Color – Colors of centipedes may vary, but the most common colors are brown and red-orange.
  • Size – The size of centipedes depends on which species they are. However, they usually have a length of 4 millimeters up to 152 millimeters.
  • Head – Their head has a pair of long antennae.
  • Claws - Centipedes have small mouths, and most have claws that contain the venom used to paralyze their victims.
  • Legs – Centipedes have long legs, and they can have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of the leg.

Effects of House Centipedes on People

Bites of house centipedes are unusual, and mild irritations are the only thing that can happen. However, allergic reactions can occur, which is why proper removal of centipedes is needed.

Centipede Infestation Signs

Centipedes are nocturnal, and they leave no signs because they move quickly. You can only tell that centipede are in your home when you see one.

Various Ways to Get Rid of Centipedes in Your Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Centipedes

Chemical-based products have been in demand nowadays to remove pests in your home, but they can cause a significant health risk to your family. In this matter, you need to be aware that there are several natural ways to prevent and get rid of centipedes in your house. Using these ways will help you reduce the health risks and effectively prevent and remove the centipedes from your home.

Eliminating Moisture

Since centipedes love moisture and bathrooms can be their target, one of the most important ways to kill centipedes is the use of dehumidifiers. Using this will help you get rid of excess moisture in your house and reduce the humidity.

Utilizing Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne pepper can be used as a natural repellent because of its natural compounds. The heat produced by the pepper causes the house centipede to avoid it because of its instinct. So, to keep centipedes away from your home, you can sprinkle a little bit of cayenne pepper on all the entry points of your house.

Blocking All Entry Points 

One of the most important ways to avoid house centipedes that may enter your house is to block all the entry points. You'll need to seal all the window gaps to your doors, basement closets, and any cracks and crevices on your concrete walls, as well as your floor drain.

Using Boric Acid

Using boric acid is considered the most effective way the remove centipedes in your home. Once the centipedes ingest some boric acid, they will become dehydrated, leading to their death. You can easily get this from the local hardware shop and sprinkle the boric in various places of your house. 

Operating Sticky Traps

Aside from boric acid, you can also use sticky traps to get rid of house centipedes. You can place these traps in food and damp areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Maneuvering Insect Catchers

It’s also best to use an insect catcher to place them below the house ceiling. In this way, you won't be bothered anymore that centipedes might fall on you.

Employing Some "DE" - Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a powder made up of tiny seashells and acts as a natural insecticide that can suffocate and can eventually kill centipedes. You don't have to worry because this causes no harm to human beings.

Removing the Food Source

Like any other pest, centipedes typically look for food and water. So, to keep them away from your house, you should eliminate any source of food and water inside your home.

Wielding Soap Sprays

The use of soap spray is one of the most cost-effective ways to get rid of centipedes. You'll need a part of water and a part of soap in a spray bottle to get rid of them.

Applying Cedar Oil

Cedar oil is considered a natural insecticide. Using the oil will help you prevent centipedes, as its primary components can cause suffocation and dehydration in centipedes.

Preventing Centipedes From Entering Your House

Preventing pests such as centipedes from entering your home can be stressful. You can try traditional ways of prevention and be more extra careful to check on small cracks and entry points in your house. Using our ultrasonic pest control can also guarantee you that you can control the entry and keep centipedes and the other pests away. You may check our catalog at Ever Pest to learn more about our products.

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