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Four Things I Wish I’d Tried Before Buying an Ultrasonic Pest Control Device

Hey, I am Julie, a happy ground floor apartment owner. When it comes to the upkeep of our home, there are a few things I could have think about: 

  • "Painting? You just brush it on the walls, and you’re good, right?"
  • "I can just eyeball that."
  • "Sure! I can clear the snow on my driveway and still go camping this weekend. It won’t take that long."

I learned the hard way that it pays to do some research before tackling a DIY project. A simple web search can save a lot of time, stress and money. At first, though, I was intimidated at the thought of doing anything DIY-style for the sake of it not working. That’s why after spotting trails of mice droppings in my kitchen, I jumped the gun and hired an exterminator.

But now that my mice problem is resolved, I’m left with a really high bill – and a lot of regret.

I wish I’d given the DIY approach a fair shot. There are simple, cost-effective ways to get rid of mice, especially when using EverPest products – as I learned later from my more diligent neighbors and a bit of online research.

And so I share my top three words of wisdom for anyone on the fence about whether to hire help or go to it alone.

My advice?  Read on!

    1. Mind the crack. Even the smallest openings along your floorboards, under your sink or in between your cabinets are floodgates for mice invaders. This especially applies to folks like me with older homes. EverPest has mastered the art of rodent proofing your home – its devices will simply chase pests away. It’s all about eliminating entry points with caulk, concrete or other sealants. Even steel wool will work!
    2.  Keep it clean: When I began to wake up to mice droppings on my kitchen counter, I knew I was at risk for diseases and that my new rodent roommates were going to scarf up any little crumb left out on the counter. Now that I’ve read up on the strategies how to get rid of mice in the kitchen, I see that leaving my dog food out and not attending to spills under the fridge were bad ideas.
    3. Stay informed: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has put together a thorough protocol on how to clean up after rodents in order to protect yourself from rodent urine and droppings. Don’t skip over these important steps – it’s your health we’re talking about!
    4. Plug in and forget: I like that. EverPest more than a basic mousetrap for complete rodent control. Mice are smart little creatures and can sometimes outwit your trapping techniques. Experiment with a few different tools, and try different locations.

That’s everything you need to know to catch a mouse – and do it on the cheap!

Julia Gabriel