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Electronic Pest Repellers - How to Choose the Best Pest Repellant Tool

Ultrasonic pest repellers are often a sudden necessity. Most often, pest problems appear without a warning. Do you have a pest problem? What are the alternatives?

There are various chemical methods of extermination, including traps for pests such as rodents. You could hire exterminators for this kind of task or even start using pesticides which emit some chemicals that may be harmful to you and even your pets.

 However, all these methods have their drawbacks. They are either messy in that you have to clear up the dead pests, or expensive in employing others to do it for you. So have you considered a clean humane alternative such as an ultrasonic pest repeller?

How does ultrasonic pest repeller work?

These units simply plug into a wall electric socket. They emit ultrasonic sound waves which are not heard by people or most pets, the exception being rodent type pets. The sound these ultrasonic devices transmit repels the pests and drives them out of your home. This seems like a good clean humane alternative to the mess of extermination and after all, when you exterminate pests, there are always other pests waiting to take their place so constant application of whatever means you use is necessary to keep the pests under control. 

This is also true of the ultrasonic devices but the difference is that they only have to be plugged into the wall and switched on.

Of course some pest control problems may have to be dealt with using a combination of methods due to the severity of the problem, but with the ease of use and low cost of ultrasonic pest repeller devices it must be worth trying these with any pest control problem. After all, if they do solve your problem they will be the easiest cleanest and probably cheapest method you have.

What’s the secret of using ultrasonic pest repeller?

It uses a technology that sends electromagnetic pulse or waves through the wiring system from where it has been plugged in. This means that these waves will then irritate the pests around and therefore driving them away. It actually does not kill the pests but it just repels them. The effectiveness of the EverPest device is determined by the place at which you plug it. Basically if you have a double-story house you might consider purchasing a different one for each story for the pests to be repelled effectively. You can Place only one EverPest pest control gadget for each room and it will still be efficient.

Another thing about the EverPest device is that it emits light once it has been turned on. This means that in the room where you have placed the device you will not need to turn on the lights as this light is sufficient to see your way through especially in the kitchen and on the corridors. 

The electromagnetic pulses that emitted by the EverPest gadget are also not heard by the normal human being and also your pets and so not harmful. The electricity consumed by it is also very minimal and you again don't have to worry about paying high electricity bills.

Do ultrasonic pest repellants actually work?

There is a debate going on throughout the Internet about the usefulness and effectiveness of Electronic pest repeller's. Do they really work? Do you repel pests like rats, mice, insects, and other unwanted creatures? The answer is a little vague, they work "most of the time. 

Not a definitive answer to an important question for a lot of people. The reason it is not definitive is that there has been very little scientific research on the devices and the little that has been done is inconclusive. That leaves us with personal opinion and testimony. 

Before we talk about that lets take a look at the different types of electronic pest repeller's out there. One of the most popular pest repeller's is one that claims to use electromagnetic technology. The brand says the "unit actually changes the normal field around your wiring, creating an environment that pests just can't tolerate.  

Another popular type is the ultrasonic pest repeller. These types say "ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervous systems of most common pests causing them pain and discomfort. Definitely not what you need! 

The last technology for electronic pest repeller's is Ionic air cleaning. These say cleaning the air with Ions is an effective way of repelling pests. 

Those are the three main technologies of pest repelling. We will have more info about each in future articles.

Back to the question at hand, do they work? Most people will say "yes", they do work for them. Naturally, some say they do not work. However, from our research, the feedback is mostly positive. The other very important evidence we point to is the popularity of electronic pest repeller's. Millions have been sold worldwide and millions more every year. Logic concludes that if they didn't work, sales would be plummeting. The consumer will usually decide how good a product is and in this case they must work pretty well. Compared to the cost (both financial, safety, and time) of chemical treatment, electronic pest repeller's may be worth a try.

What ultrasonic pest repeller should I choose? 

There are many success stories on the web about the most popular of these devices, the EverPest Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. You will though often have to have patience and give these devices time to do their job and some who have tried the EverPest Plug In Pest Repeller may not have given it time to work properly. The company does offer a trial period so it is well worth a try if you have a pest control problem.

Pest control is a difficult long term job though, so whatever method you use it will need patience. With the ultrasonic pest control you may need to experiment with positioning and quantity of devices, and read any advice on the website, forums and review sites.

Bottom Line: The most efficient way that will drive away those stubborn pests away from your home without causing any harm to the environment is by using the EverPest Ultrasonic Digital Pest Repellent. It is also very affordable and you can purchase it from many retailers online. So do away the mouse traps and all the other forms of pest control and embrace technology to drive pests away from your home, garden or office.

Julia Gabriel